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samedi 20 février 2016

FIFO 2016, Workshops

Birth of a film

Are only the awards which assess the FIFO? Let's consider rather its impact. FIFO isn't over. Its effects are multiple: it zooms on the cultural institutions and the professional filmmakers of course. It also affects the perception of the antipodean ordinary audience, but above all it reinforces the attachment of the Oceanian public to the world of cinema.

Indeed, the organization of the FIFO, is not content to broadcast an abundant catalog of images of Oceania. It actively involves the audience from here at the event: along with encounters weighted by the natural setting of the paepae, hot debates in screening rooms, and opinions on the fly and disclosed on the net. With simultaneous translations, it accentuates the communicability: and it's to its credit.

Relax discussions on the "paepae"...
With the multiplication of various workshops, intended to neophytes, the public would it be a priority of FIFO? The major challenge being clearly the disclosure of Oceanian Documentary Film. It's smarter seen. The consequences are twofold: training a public in mechanic devices of the cinema, its technology (iPad, script, shooting and editing, Cinemagraph), but also its criteria of realization (intention, framing, plans, rhythm, etc.) and finally, the validity of the criticism.

 Whole days chosen to familiarize the pupils to film culture: it's not a luxury. It's logical to early start to educate an audience of moviegoers. And interactivity is a clever way to increase the range of possibilities and multiplicity of viewpoints: learning by doing.

The short-movie mind-blowing...
If the "Short Film Night" now in its 7th edition, it's not for nothing. The short movie knows a craze among young people who make their own films. With points of view, smart, funny, and particularly sharp, often. And they are afraid by anything! See Tahiti of Gatien Raurii, you will have 1 minute 30 seconds to tour through the joys of Polynesian society. Social, political and cultural misery: we can laugh of them. Playful fun guaranteed!

Advised viewer, demanding audience!

Workshops at hand
Among the FIFO workshops "general public", it should be noted that they are increasing for three years and out of most recent technologies. We chose that of "Shooting and editing on iPad" for two reasons. With the material at hand of amateurs and beginners, it's first everyone to feel like doing and making worthwhile. Then, in Marama Room of the House of Culture in Papeete, the facilitator is Nyko PK16, a double title for this feast of cinema.

In Marama room, iPad workshop...
 Winner 2015 of " Vini film festival on TNTV " for the best scenario, he appears in the "7th Night of the short film" with Avec le Temps (Over Time...). And with his Hashtag studios, he breaks new ground in the field of Polynesian culture with Moana. Let's say it belongs to a new generation of cineastes from here who make talk about themselves internationally.

A rising generation whose inventiveness is well proven and develops itself appropriate means to emerge without waiting some crumbs of subsidy. This is his ethics, otherwise dealt by the theme of his mini movie: don't count on the time but on doing so. It's also the objective of the workshop: take responsibility for oneself, embark upon, assert oneself, and close a project...

A desire to achieve with Nyko PK16
 The public which frequents his studio is recognizable by its attendance. Soon arrived, even ahead, they resolve to leave the small air-conditioned room at the last minute, even after extra time. Sweeping diverse backgrounds, it aims pupils more than 15 years, and a sampled adult audience: from the simple amateur to the teacher, stroking an educational project, the retired housewife, the novice “geek”.

 For the workshop leads at best, Nyko PK16 doesn't spare his generosity and he shows the path of true team cooperation. Each editing and recording station brings together contributors who didn't know before and are going to realize in half a day, a mini-documentary or docudrama, caught live in the FIFO village. Before capturing the image, it's essential to fix the argument of the co-directors.

The 4th volume of Patrice Guirao, is it going to be finished?
And of course, why not get a shot of the movie on making of? For example, the Tahitian series Al-Dorsey, born randomly of FIFO. Why not wildly imagine on tetralogy of Patrice Guirao... and the fanciful twists of a cast raging in a nearby stand. This subject has been treated by a nice and quiet trio...

From the Workshop to the cast
"Trained Public" rhymes with "critical intelligence". It would be wrong to consider the cinemagoer as a consumer of crisps that would offset the nullity of telenovelas by an accidental bulimia. It's not absurd to combine intellect, political awareness and entertainment: The Great Dictator of Charlie Chaplin is one of the most exemplary models, classifiable otherwise as an anticipation documentary. Does the artwork not play this role of mobilizing consciences? "We learn by enjoying ourselves," say the workshops and their apprentices.

"Over time,"... everything will be learned.
Who told popularity of a film, doesn't exclude either the intelligence or the seriousness of its construction. As for the comic and coarse effects, provided they are part of the personal vision of the director... they don't mar the work's value. The Oceanian documentary film is becoming an author cinema.

We saw it with The Ground we won, awarded for the quality of its close-ups and the content of its intimism narrative. New Zealand's national identity, namely the cowherd-rugby player, is tarnished by the highlighting of macho sporting culture. But the human side, vulnerable and sentimental aspect lie flush. Chris Pryor and Miriam Smith reveal uncompromising the art of immersive documentary.

"Moana" a dream of Nyko PK16
From dry land, we go to the boards of the autumn of life, from men stories to those of renewal, vigor... inclusive the funerary urn, white hair and ingrown toenails. So we cannot underestimate Hip Hop-Eration. Thanks to the fictional scenario and editing, it leaves aside the media buzz, to stick to a reality which is hanging by a thread, in a breath. And the show may go on.

Upwind of the ocean
The Oceanian documentary, with its everyday images, challenges the myths and smoothed images of the hegemony of the commercial cinema. It's perhaps in this area so close to the viewer that is its seed. No flashy cinema.

A little regret, however. For the first time when Wallis & Futuna include the selection " Pacific Islands ", with an independent production,  the film of 13mn Ciné des toiles d’étoiles will be seen only once at FIFO. One of its directors, Anthony Taitusi of Cafe fale Association, is going to live his dream with a next fiction series shot with few ways, pulled from their own funds: Be You, Foha Tahu. Spread the word…

The adventure of our century
We salute once again the filmmakers and their teams of technicians who were able to operate the small miracle of transmission. Culture is not sticking to an archaeological site with mummified dancers, nor under the dust of archives asleep: it lives in the heart of mergers or transpositions that make us close, as Tupaia or Te Mana o te Moana.

And to end on a launching image of the Pacific cinema, a cinema that moves: good riddance to FIFO...!

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Title Photo: Cinemagraph Workshop, Luce Pasquini, FIFO 2016: "Pass"
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