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samedi 10 janvier 2015

Our wishes for 2015

To each Charlie woman, to each Charlie man

I dedicate these lines.

This year 2015 couldn't start any worse...And they are not our friends Charb, Cabu, Wolinsky, Tignous and others who say otherwise. It's definitely: their stencils were stolen...

The last drawing of Charb
I was torturing my neurons to find an original way to present our wishes when the radio got to punch me in the face with the fist of terrorists. So I threw all my drafts in the trash.

The scumbags, who tried to extinguish the light of Charlie Hebdo, will never make harm to anyone. And I'm not sure to be pleased that things have ended this way: I'm not a murderer.

The last drawing of Charb reviewed by P'tit Louis
In the meantime, have to acknowledge that this year 2015 will be exceptional, since it inevitably begins on 9 January…

So let us together ensure that it will be funny; it will admit no censorship; it will not tolerate violence; it will yell louder and louder outrage in front of the manufactured poverty, the repeated injustices and justified by the holy liberal doctrine.

Humor always humor!

 Let's make sure we be free.

The blog "Tahiti, its islands and other ends of the world" currently has an average of 2,100 pages views daily. A figure constantly increasing… This suggests that you are more likely to find your account in reading our modest papers. Allow us to thank you for that!

Grand Corps Malade is also Charlie
From our side, we will not change anything to the way we talk about things. And if you find that we are a little more angry than in years past, don't blame us: some actions  really riled us.

Make this year 2015, therefore, full of humor and big iconoclastic jokes. For our part, we will ensure that our freedom of expression remains an indisputable reality.

To each Charlie woman, to each Charlie man:

Ia orana ite matahiti api 2015 !

A message from   Charlie & Charlie 

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