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lundi 6 janvier 2014

Best wishes 2014

ia orana i te matahiti api 2014!

To all “crazy for gods”, whatever religion they assert,
To all the aspiring dictators who claim to hold the only truth,
To all the idiots who want to impose their lack of thought,
To all sorcerers’ apprentices who suck the lifeblood out of the planet,
To all the financial agents who’re bringing ruin upon humanity,
To all the scumbags who feed on the misery of others,
To all the assassins, whether they wear an uniform or not…
To all…

To all those who still have dreams of brotherhood,
I dedicate these lines of Lucien Jacques…

“I believe in man, this scum,
I believe in the man, this heap of dirt, this quicksand, this dead water,
I believe in the man, this crooked, this bladder of vanity.
I believe in man, this ointment,
This jingle, this feather in the wind, this troublemaker, this muckraker,
I believe in man, this bloodsucker.
Despite all the deadly and irreparable damage he could do

I believe in him
For the safety of his hand, for his taste of freedom,
For the game of his fantasy,
For his vertigo in front of the star,
I believe in him for the salt of his friendship,
For the water of his eyes, his laughter,
For his momentum and his weaknesses.
I believe in him forever
For a hand that is stretched, for a look that offered.
And first and foremost
For the simple welcome of a shepherd”.

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